Solar Energy

The sun is the ultimate source of all the energy and fuels that we use today and has been producing energy for billions of years. Solar radiation has been utilised by humans..

Wind Energy

The uneven heating of the earth's surface by the sun is what generates wind. Various types of land and water on the earth's surface absorb the sun's heat at different rates.


Water-moving energy is known as hydropower. For a very long time, people have used the force of water flowing in rivers and streams to create mechanical energy.

What is TAP?

We are an organisation known by the name The Apex Power (TAP). Our focus is to build a sustainable and green environment wherein we save the current resources for the future generations as well. We focus on utilising renewable energy like Solar Energy, Wind Energy and Hydropower to produce outstanding socially acceptable results. We wish to promote an environment that is future ready and that is also viable for every consumer. Our aim is to introduce electronic vehicles too in order to reduce the pollution and promote a healthy environment. We seek to change this world and make it a better place to live in.

How do we generate money using renewable energy?

Project development costs for renewable energy projects must be paid up front. After the project is completed, the electricity produced is sold to power buyers like industries, commercial buildings, or residential complexes, or power traders like DISCOM/Utilities. A power purchase agreement (PPA) is used to capture the terms of the agreement, including the price of the power and its duration (PPA).

The project owner bills the consumer for the power each month and collects the required payment. This continues for the duration of the contract, after which the project owner may keep selling power or discard it depending on the efficiency of the plant. Though theoretically similar to bonds in that they produce regular cash flows, renewable energy projects are a little more complex and call for in-depth knowledge.

Feasible business practises

We continue to be in a profitable position in order to meet our sustainability goals today and in the future. Through optimization of sustainable products, services, and operations, as well as through an innovation-focused strategy.

Obligation to society

We care about society as a whole taking every part of the society into consideration and do our best in order to serve them. We never neglect the needs and demands of our customers including our team members because we believe in a cooperative environment.

Ecological responsibility

We are committed to reduce the ecological imprint of products that exploit the world. We work hard to deliver the best technology solutions. This is done using the finest operating practices & friendly technology.

Public review

While we constantly focus on delivering the best and the most sustainable services, we also make sure that we do not fail to take the public into consideration. We always keep the viewpoints of the public in high regard and hence work on our projects accordingly.

Our key Aspects

We constantly aim at delivering outstanding services by keeping future generations in mind. We surpass our own set of records to produce socially acceptable and ethical results. Our key features have the overall good of the society embedded in and we take it as a base moving forward.

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